Top 6 Applicant Tracking Systems That Make Hiring Easier for Your Business

The hiring process for growing your remote team is quite a bit different than you might be accustomed to in an office based company. The luxury of having the pick of literally anyone in the world is simultaneously liberating, and a bit daunting.

There’s no shortage of tools out there to make this process easier, everything from job boards (like, of course), to project management tools, to applicant tracking systems.

If you’re crafted a compelling job description, are offering a competitive salary, and have attractive work terms then there will be a flood of new applicants for every job you post. Managing that influx of data into your hiring process is key to making a smart decision on who to join your team.

We’ve selected the top 6 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help you streamline the application process and make smarter, quicker, and more informed hiring decisions.


We’re starting this list off with a bang. Workable happens to be not only our choice internally for hiring management software but is also very highly rated by third parties. This is because it offers a great combination of tools essential to the hiring process, at a cost that won’t break your budget.

Workable’s key features are broken down into the 5 components of the hiring process:

  • Creating a career site
  • Finding qualified candidates
  • Applicant tracking
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Hiring Analytics

They really do excel at many of these, and offer solutions to businesses looking to streamline the hiring process.  The benchmakr of Workable’s system is being able to manage the entire hiring process all in one tool, without the need for any data entry or synchronization between platforms.

Workable has plans starting at $19/mo and offers a 15 day free trial so you can take it for a test drive.


RecruiterBox touts itself as “the simplest recruiting software in the world for growing companies.” and from everything we see they may have achieved just that.

This well designed application allows recruiters to create new job postings with just a few clicks, and accept resumes through their company’s own site. For power users, recruiters can also use the bulk upload function to import multiple candidate resumes at once.

Now just posting a new job is never enough, so RecruiterBox helps get highly qualified applicants in the door as well.  To do help with this, Recruiterbox connects to several social media channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

After a candidate applies, Recruiterbox users can customize the screening process anyway they’d like.  From phone screenings, to in person meetings, to resume screening, it offers almost any hirhing tool you’d want.

To wrap things up nicely, RecruiterBox also tracsk and gives metrics around email and phone communiation with each applicant, so you can go some higher level filtering of applicants on this basis, and measure your own internal process later.

RecruiterBox starts at $20/mo/opening, and does not require any long term contract.

With a combination of web app and corresponding iOS app for iPad and iPhone is a complete solution for managing the hiring process at small and medium sized businesses.

One of the standout features about Breezy HR is it’s customizability.  With a drag and drop editor to create exactly the workflow you want out of your hiring process, Breezy is putting customer preference first.  Add to that a RESTful API that allows developers to create custom solutions to extend the base set of packages that come with Breezy, it is a great solution for companies looking for a very specific set of criteria.

With a FREE plan for a single user this is a popular choice amongst small businesses.  Fully featured versions of the platform start at just $49/mo.

As with most other platforms also offers ability to post new jobs to several platforms, and promote those listings via social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

leverLever is another best of breed applicant tracking platform.  With all of the bells and whistles that a hiring manager would need in one place this may be the ultimate in terms of a complete solution.

Lever offers customizable job site creation, one-click sourcing, referral links to track applicants’ inbound path, and two-way email sync to keep all those conversations organized.  For those companies looking for a solution that will manage the entire hiring process, without the need for additional tools, this may be the one to choose.

As an added bonus, Lever offers a Chrome extension that allows employees to put a referral in the company pipeline right from their browser.

Pricing of Lever may be a drawback, however, as it is not set in stone either on their homepage or within plans for a company, so be sure you know what you’re signing up for ahead of time.

What started as a recruiting platform has now evolved and grown into a full blown applicant tracking system.  Greenhouse offers companies all of the tools they need to both recruit, screen, and properly hire new additions to their teams.

At the core of their hiring process lies the task of finding great candidates.  The company has put extensive resources into syndicating new job postings to online job boards, in person events, external recruiting agencies, and allowing for the tracking of referrals.  To take it a step further they’ve built in A/B testing to measure which job postings are getting the most, and highest quality, applicants.

These tools to help measure the ROI of recruiting campaigns goes a long way towards optimizing the entire hiring process.

Having grown out of a recruiting firm, Greenhouse has some time-tested best practices around interviewing, screening, and onboarding new employees.  This saves hiring mangers a lot of time and headache in not reinventing the wheel every time a new job posting comes around.

Greenhouse plans are not publicly available, so you’ll have to request a demo from the homepage to see more of the app and learn about pricing for your business.


Every one of these has an area of strength, and Crelate is no exception.  This app is built specifically with executive search firms in mind.  These firms that rely on managing extensive networks of relationships need a tool that can help keep track of the interconnectedness of many of these touch points.

At it’s core, Crelate is a typical Applicant Tracking System, but it takes things a step further with enhanced search function that allows users to mine through data fields including resume, internal notes, recent activity, and email communication.

To top it off, Crelate also has iOS apps for iPad and iPhone so the busy hiring manager can easily keep up with their hiring process when they’re on the go.

Which is Right for Your Company?

The choice of which Applicant Tracking system is right for you depends on several factors.  Do you require full integration of email and calendars?  Is robust search functionality across data points important to your process?  Or do you require ultimate flexibility both in process and functionality within an app?

The answer to each of these questions should guide you pretty clearly to one of the solutions we outlined above.  Each of these ATS are best of breed and provide small to medium sized business with a great tool to make the recruiting and hiring process significantly easier to manage, and makes hiring  high caliber new team members predictable and repeatable.

We’d love to hear your experience with the tools we mentioned above.  Drop a comment in below with your experiences.


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