Filipino Customer Service Representative

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Job Details:

myLAB Box is a growing company that has gained substantial traction in the marketplace over the last few years. We are seeking two experienced, full-time Customer Success Representatives to join our team as we scale and grow. At this point, our Customer Success Team is still small (One U.S. employee, and three from the Philippines.  We would like to two more from the Philippines (one to work during the U.S. business hours (mostly customer-facing exposure), and the other to work during the PH business hours (mostly back end work, but occasionally answering some customer emails).

Our front-end candidate will need to have perfect English and be able to communicate on the phone with a neutral accent.  We average about 3-8 calls a day, so that is not the bulk of the work.  The phone calls are usually simple inquiries “has my order shipped yet?”  “how long will it take for my kit to arrive?”  “Are my results ready yet?”  “What is my tracking number?”  Calls will most likely take up less than 1 hour per day…..the rest of the shift will be used to answer emails, or data entry, or other routine or unique projects.

Our backend person (PH daytime), will not have phone calls, since our business hours are 8am to 4pm (Pacific Standard Time). This Customer Success Rep will work closely with the Customer Success Manager with reports, data entry, emails that were not completed throughout the business hours, etc. Must have an excellent understanding of the English language (but will not be expected to take phone calls).

A day in the life of our Customer Success Representative is always changing. Partly because we are a start-up and have an all-hands-on-deck attitude, but mostly because our customers have different needs and concerns and we are dedicated to each and every one of them. That being said, a day might include:

Working with appropriate team members to troubleshoot difficult situations and review any issues that have become a pattern or stand out as wildly unique.

Answering customer questions that come in via phone, email and Live Chat and helping resolve any issues that come up.

Liaising with our Customer Success Manager regarding any concerns around the product or the logistics and coming up with solutions.

You would be a good fit for this job if:

You have at least one year experience in a customer service role.

You are positive, friendly, have a great sense of humor and are dedicated to the success of those around you.

You have worked in a startup environment (preferred, not essential)

You have truly incredible communication skills and understand the importance of choosing your words carefully and using your tone effectively.

You are a problem solving rockstar who knows that there is always a solution to be found and is dedicated to doing so.

You are proactive and want to own things from beginning to end.

You happily dive into the details of things while still maintaining a sense of the bigger workings behind them.

You are a self-starter, and quick learner and you are productive working remotely on your own and with a team.

We are looking to build a team of people who are passionate and dedicated to our vision. We are committed to building the best possible team we can, and we know that experience comes in many forms and many skills are transferable. So, if your background and experience is almost there and you think you’d be perfect for the job, please consider applying even if you can’t tick off everything on the list above.

What we will offer you:

A growing company with an important service that our customers need and appreciate.

A fantastic team environment

A fun company to be involved with

Great experience and learning opportunities (eCommerce, startup, fulfillment, medical service, etc)

A full-time position, with great pay.

We do use a time tracker to monitor all employee’s work, and use the information for training purposes also. Don’t apply if you are not comfortable using a time tracker that takes random snapshots of your computer screen.

The pay for the frontend person is $3 - $5 per hour, depending on experience  (Shift is 8am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time).

The pay for the backend person is $3 per hour, to start and routine raises. (Shift can be a bit more flexible; we’ll discuss during the interview).

When you apply, please put at the top of your application “Customer-facing” or “Backend” applicant.

Thank you for your interest in this position!  We look forward to meeting you and working with you!

So, Not Remote? Let us know!