Customer Success Manager

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Job Details:

We’re a fun team that offers flexibility and the ability to grow with our company. We are looking for someone technical enough that can handle the support of web service platform for new users. This will involve working with teams to make sure that all of their employees are onboarded correctly and handling any technical issues that arise.

The correct person must also have a good “personality” and the ability to communicate effectively with team leaders because the job also entails one to one meetings and skype calls with new team managers.

In addition, we are looking for QA help which means reviewing the quality of the service.

This is a chat/email-driven customer service role -- A big part of your role will be to respond immediately, guide, delight, and console users who come in with questions and ideas! You'll reference our support site, ask questions, and explain step-by-step.  


The ability to make decisions by themselves. We are looking for someone that is able to add to our team without a ton of management. They will be a self starter.

The ability and desire to respond quickly to new clients.

A quiet work location. This job is remote, but much of your time will be spent communicating with clients. We need a quiet location that is reliable and the ability to work full time (40 hours a week).


* Creating support documentation (written and possibly video)

* Answering incoming support requests via email

* Talking on Skype regularly

* Manage agents remotely across different time zones and monitor agent’s productivity

* Arrange last-minute schedule changes and function as a work force analyst to identify scheduling problems

* Work with customer service managers to identify training trends and develop new programs necessary for company growth

* Responsible for recruiting and interviewing quality remote workers to join the team, as well as making sure these new employees transition as smoothly as possible into their jobs

Requirements & Qualifications:

* Bachelor’s degree preferred

* Fluency in the English language both written and verbal

* 3-5 years management experience in Customer Service on a BPO set-up

* Minimum of 3 years experience in managing a team of 10-15 heads

* Good judgement and strong decision making skills

* Must be able to work with a high level of professionalism and discretion

* Goal oriented and results driven

So, Not Remote? Let us know!