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Job Details:

I am looking for a very creative designer, who can help bring our digital advertising campaign to live for our startup: [](

We have two sides to our business: 

1. CRM Software for removalist companies 

2. We match consumers who are moving their items (from a single lounge to a whole house) with the removals company spare capacity in their trucks travelling around Australia.

We have 5x sets of creative that are required as followed, and would welcome your creative ideas and copywriting skills. We require these ads to be compliant with Google Adwords and AdRoll as we use google for display ads, and we use adroll for remarketing only). We will also require a facebook ad set for each: 

**Ad Set 1: MUVAL - Brand Awareness** - Elon Musk - New landing page to be created. Web banner to be created also - 1980 x 800px to align with the design. (Please see image concept that we created)

What we would like to achieve here is using the vector image (and possibly a similar animation to what we created here on this page: []( which is the truck driving and then you see all of the inside of the truck. We want to keep the same style of vector art and the sky turning into the night at the top of the banner with the moon and a rocket ship (in the same style vector as the truck). This will work with he long portrait style ads, however with the smaller square type orientations, this could be an animation where the screen starts off in the sky with he rocket, and then pans down to the truck pulling up and showing whats inside. 

The copy writing will be “We may not be Elon Musk, but we know a thing or two about SPACE!” - Muval, it’s not rocket science.

The truck art and logo can be found here: [](

**Ad Set 2: MUVAL - Remarketing** to a custom audience who are interested in moving house - generic “A better way to move”

**Ad Set 3: MUVAL - Remarketing** to people who have clicked “Find Space” but don’t take any further action if a match was generated. “You have choices. It’s not too late to book your Muval” 

**Ad Set 4: MUVAL - Remarketing** to people who have clicked a listing but have not purchased it “Your space is still available, book it now before someone else does!”

**Ad Set 5: Muval - Remarketing** for the software product - []( we would like this to resonate with removal truck owners and echo the messages from the website. 

Here are the specifications for the remarketing ads: []( and their outputs, and here are all of the specifications required for the display ads (same as remarketing) [](

We will require an output of each ad for FACEBOOK: 


File Format: JPEG, GIF (static), PNG

File size: Maximum 2MB

Image Size:

• 600 x 315

• 1200 x 628

• 1200 x 444 (Likes Campaign ONLY)

Ad Image Text Limitation:

• Facebook requires that only 20% or less of an ad

image is text, as images with minimal text are more

engaging. Text includes books, posters, textprinted

apparel, etc.

We will require an output of each ad for INSTAGRAM: 


• Image ratio is 1:1: must be a square

• Must be a photograph/picture

• Dimensions: 600 x 600

• File size: 10MB

• File type: .jpg, .png

• Text: 20% or less of image, includes logo

• No borders or letterboxing

If you can please quote a total amount, including the number of iterations we will receive, that would be appreciated. 

Also, if you would like to create one or two watermarked concepts so that we can see your style of design, that would be very helpful to pick the right person.

Thank you

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