Author's Virtual Assistant

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Job Details:

Working Title of the Book: **NOTHING TO LOSE**, **The continuing real life saga of an immigrant's pursuit for justice in a world infested with betrayal, corruption, intrigue, and fraud.**

Tasks for the author’s virtual assistant would include:


·     Build a media list.

·     Build a list of trade association opportunities.

·     Research bloggers to pitch.

·     Research internet radio shows and podcasts.

·     Build a list of book reviewers from Amazon.

·     Search for websites that feature competitors’ books.

·     Look for online groups that reach the target audience.

·     Search for speaking opportunities.

·     Monitor online activity.

·     Thank Amazon reviewers.


·     Manage social media sharing.

·     Monitor social media activity.

·     Periodically audit social media profiles.

·     Import contacts to LinkedIn.

·     Import contacts to Facebook.

·     Pin images from blog to Pinterest.

·     Share blog post images to Instagram.

·     Create branded photo memes.

·     Create social media campaigns with readers.


·     Manage blog content. Post new blogs to your site. 

·     Manage blog comments.

·     Invite blog contributors. 

·     Download images for the blog. 

·     Optimize website pages. 

·     Monitor website traffic.  

·     Manage email marketing. 

·     Manage travel and reservations.

·     Handle bookkeeping. 

·     Update author details online.

·     Manage production of custom social media headers.

·     Add new contacts.

·     Review and refresh website.

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