E-Commerce PPC Specialist (Automotive Niche)

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Job Details:

Our company is seeking a PPC specialist to assist in the development and execution of our marketing and campaign efforts on through Amazon AMS, Amazon Sponsored Products, and eBay Promoted Listings . Responsible for advertising, strategy, campaign evolution and reporting, we are seeking an extremely driven, quick-learning, and detail-oriented individual.

### **Responsibilities:**

* Plan, develop, and implement comprehensive paid advertising strategies to increase sales, visibility, brand recognition, and drive sales across Amazon AMS, Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, eBay Promoted Listings, and SEM (i.e. AdWords, Bing, etc.)

* Conducting competitive research to stay informed on fluctuations and changes in the macro environment that could impact the overall success of advertising campaigns.

* Identifying and selecting the best channel, medium, or ad-unit for an advertising campaign based on an in-depth market analysis (i.e. audience demographics, media usage, ratings, type of content in a given vehicle, etc.)

* Monitoring advertising campaigns to appear as planned across publisher sites

* Using Excel reports, Google Sheets, and 3rd party reporting platforms to compile daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime reports to quantify advertising results and communicate them to management.

* Performing keyword research, writing ad copy, and researching competitors advertising campaigns.

* Conducting A/B tests across campaign variables (e.g. copy, ads, landing pages, bidding) to reach the best results

* Analyzing performance data and optimizing campaigns to ensure they are continuously bringing sales and quality traffic to our product line while maintaining a strong ROI.

* Communicate with management on a regular basis to report on campaigns and overall account health and provide recommendations to enhance performance

* Collaborate with internal team members across different departments to ensure the all advertising campaigns and objectives are met.

* Staying informed with eCommerce retail industry best practices, new trends and technologies, marketplaces, and platform updates (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Adwords etc.)

### **Skills and Experience:**

* At least 1 year of experience managing Amazon AMS and/or Sponsored Product Ads as well as eBay Promoted Listings.

* Preferred example(s) of success: Helped a company grow their overall profit with eCommerce retail, helped a client reach a target CPO/ROAS, having the numbers to back it all up.

* Implemented and ran campaigns to successfully sell on Amazon or eBay.

* AMS, Seller Central, and eBay Promoted Listings experience highly valued.

* Familiar with jargon (e.g. ASIN, ACOS, PPC, CPC, CPA, ROAS, bounce rate, etc.)

* Thrives in an autonomous working environment

* Reliable, takes initiative and finds ways to solve problems independently

* Passionate about developing knowledge and personal growth in advertising and PPC

* Analytical - able to take data and identify trends, improve performance, solve problems, etc.

* Quick at learning; attentive to detail

* Proactive approach. Takes initiative.

### **Bonus Points:**

* Experience with AdWords, Power Editor, BingAds, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Excel, Shopify.

* Digital marketing background

* Automotive hobbyist

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