Bilingual Spanish Transcription & Translation

Added Mar 12 from Hubstaff

Job Details:

We are seeking Bilingual transcribers who are fluent in English and Spanish. You would need the ability to transcribe videos/audios from Spanish to Spanish/Spanish to English/English to Spanish.

Due to the fact that the workflow for Spanish Transcription/Translation comes in huge amounts periodically, we require that you have the ability to not only take and pass our Spanish Testing, but take and pass the English Test as well.

This will assure your success as well as ours to keep you busy while awaiting Spanish projects.

We need competent, quality transcribers who can listen to video and audio and transcribe what is being spoken. It requires a keen ear to be able to distinguish different speakers and hear what is being said among background noise and overlapping conversations.

This is a freelance position.  Hours are flexible. 98% accuracy needed.  Must reside in the US.

Please send your resume to with Spanish Transcribers/Translators in the Subject line.

You will be asked to take three test evaluations.

STEP ONE:  English Transcription Test once passed you will be onboarded for English Transcription and given the the tests below:

STEP TWO:  Spanish Transcription Test once passed you will move on to step three.

STEP THREE:  Spanish to English Translation.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!