QA Software Tester

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Job Details:

We are looking for a talented QA Engineer to help us ensure our products meet our high standards of excellence. We currently have several products ranging from desktop applications, web, and backend systems. These products need to be tested and verified as working correctly. This testing will initially be black box testing through direct application use and verification. Test plans will need to be developed and maintained in addition to the possible use of automated UI testing. Over time it will transition into white box testing using unit tests and direct application code analysis.  

Currently we have an established core development effort in place supporting a complex Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite of products and services. As we build out our next series of features we are looking to expand our experienced and agile software testing teams. Our development and testing teams work directly with our locally based architect, R&D groups, and other key stakeholders to turn new concepts into reality. We are looking for a capable software tester that knows how to quickly verify applications and find the hidden problems.  

Experience in software testing and is a must along with an understand of software development. Our new software tester must arrive ready for a new challenge and ready to make an impact on a growing company building exciting new services.

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