Business Development Manager

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Job Details:

I'm Taking Charge ( is a charitable website that seeks to empower women facing breast cancer to make informed decisions for both their health and comfort. We are looking for someone who can spearhead our business development project, selling sponsorship packages and making a long-term strategy for funds.

**_The Business Development Director is responsible for:_**

* Securing new sponsors for I’m Taking Charge through the sale of sponsorship packets, and by playing a leading role in fundraising efforts.

* Securing new relationships in market(s) designated by the management team.

* All aspects of the sales cycle including identifying new prospects and employer client relationships, qualifying prospects, making sales presentations, and securing the sale.

* Working in close partnership with management team helping ensure client satisfaction, to retain client relationships, and to advance new business opportunities. 

_Product Knowledge and Fundraising_

* Must become knowledgeable to represent ITC’s mission, our values, and what sets us apart. You must be able to present this information _with passion_.

* Help in implementing ITC’s business development strategies.

* Research, identify, prepare, and solicit prospects for ITC sponsorships.

* Identify and prioritize opportunities for new business relationships with new corporate clients.

* Develop and nurture networks to build and maintain a pipeline of prospects.

* Maintain shared documents with all contacts information and point of engagement kept current.

* Present potential sponsor proposals and prepare presentations of sponsorships.

* Consistently achieve or exceed business development targets.

* Track and prepare reports on fundraising progress.

_Relationship Management_

* Establish and maintain client relationships to ensure ongoing support, tracking all engagement in customer relationship management system.

* Ensure receipt, acknowledgement, reporting and stewardship of related sales communications for campaign and funds management contracts, grant and sponsorship donations.

* Inform Charitable Funds Management Solutions and Client Engagement Solutions to assign new clients for account management, contract fulfillment for giving campaigns and other services.

* Lead demonstrating ITC’s values, culture of business development and client engagement in all aspects of client activities.


* Develop and execute individual work plan, strategic goals for business development with measurable targets and outcomes.

* Execute plan within assigned budgetary guidelines.

* Provide timely reports within assigned deadline, including customer relationship management reports in corporate database.

* Working with direct supervisor, mutually create and execute a personalized professional development plan.

* Other initiatives as assigned.

**_Education and Experience Requirements_**

* Bachelor’s Degree in business, non-profit management, public administration or similar area preferred.

* 3-5 years’ experience in membership sales, fundraising, corporate social responsibility, non-profit or foundation development required.

* Customer service oriented, self-starter with ability to initiate prospecting activities, sales calls, and face to face meetings. We can’t stress this enough--this is a deal breaker!

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