Learning Management System (LMS) Coordinator

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Job Details:

LMS Coordinator is someone who will manage our learning system. We have a lot of online courses that require web skills to manage. We need to load content, manage content, all web driven. Managed via wordpress plugins.


**Duties of an LMS Coordinator:**

* Audit and monitor data integrity within LMS.

* Organize, educate and supervise data access within the field.

* Organize timetables with system management.

* Generate and manage training within the Learning Management System.

* Mend LMS issues and divergence.

* Facilitate in end user training of LMS application.

* Administer significant reports as required to track results of employee’s attainment of courses.

* Administer and amend training information for the LMS.

* Consult through trainers on scheduling of training for the region.

* Apprehend employee training and assure that employees acquire training within appointed time frames.

* Inform managers of training default and facilitate them to plan restorative action.

* Coordinate a filing system of entire sign-in papers for audit purposes.

* Monitor and assist supervisors and managers while working with reporting tool.

* Deliver certificates out to participators for attaining of a course.

* Classify replies that need direct attention and disseminate them for action.

* Facilitate recent trainers in ensuing process of the policy and methods on LMS.

* Affirm innovative and cultivated ideas and developments.

* Establish support for distinctive customer service.

* Educate supervisor in an apprehensible, brief, and timely manner of any irresolute issues.

* Achieve alternative associated duties and tasks as designated or as become perceptible.


* In order to be competent in this job in-depth experience with Wordpress and plug ins are highly needed.

* Demonstrated experience with training technologies including Learning Management Systems

* Proven analytical/technical aptitude; technical documentation experience a plus

* Expert proficiency in MS Office 365

* Excellent planning and documentation skills with meticulous attention to detail

* Must have a strong familiarity with recognized E-learning technical standards.

* The ability to adapt and handle multiple projects with different priority levels must also be obtained for this kind of job.

* Regardless of where an employee is on this continuum, the content needs to be engaging, easy to access, relevant, and tailored to his or her learning style.

**Systems Requirement:** At least 4mbps internet speed with a backup connection.

Please send applications to rhea@reincanada.com

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