Events Coordinator

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Job Details:

You will assist the Event Manager in coordinating events we’ve been doing for 26 years, new events we’ve recently designed, and creating and executing events that exceed our client expectations, run so smoothly they feel flawless and seamless, and …enjoy doing it! We really love it when our team members really love what they do!

* Intelligent

* Hardworking

* Have a positive outlook on life and people

* Organized

* A do-er and a completer

* Entrepreneurial in spirit (your advancement is grounded in your efforts and achievements)

How will you help your clients achieve their dreams of financial freedom, by design?

It’s simple. We value ALEC and hope you do too. Our values are:

* A – Being authentic

* L – Being loving

* E – Being entrepreneurial

* C – Being courageous

* Working well with others as well as independently

* Doing what you say you will do

* Communicating (a lot) – keep stakeholders in the know as much as possible.

* You have excellent writing skills.

* You are super organized and can manage a spreadsheet of deliverables like a boss.

* You love to improve processes, systems, and make everything you touch more efficient.

* Creating exciting, fulfilling, engaging, and life-changing events enriches your life and

* Meeting deadlines, no matter how short, fulfills you. Given you are proactive in EVERYTHING you do, you can also work ahead to anticipate gaps, challenges, and potential shortfalls to help meet deadlines, before they even exist.

* You are stealthy with a computer and you have been the go-to in your previous jobs.

* You want to learn, you have initiative you self-starter-you, and you are so coachable! You know there are lots of ways of doing things, you respect experience and you bring a new perspective. You don’t take things personally.

* You love a varied work day and you are happy collaborating with other departments like sales, marketing, research, production, client services, and business development.

* Your new colleagues are making thousands of dollars investing in real estate in their off-hours, this job could be life-changing if you have your ears on!

* You are great with excel spreadsheets have an excellent understanding of MS Powerpoint, KeyNote, and other cool presentation software.

* You love of checklists, systems, and procedures so if you were to take a nice, long vacation we would just follow your lists and it would all be good, (but we would miss you so much).

* Responding to last minute changes with grace, elegance, and solutions is a snap.

* Knowledge of travel (booking planes, trains, and automobiles) is an asset, though you would have support from the team.


We teach real estate investing, real estate coaching, real estate investing advisory certifications, public speaking, financial freedom by design, retreats, community-building events, expos, summits, sales events, and so much more.

You will assist in the organization of the content, speakers, segments, games, community-building exercises, facilitations, etc. of the event. You will liaise with in-house talent, hosts, speakers, creative designers, communications specialists, production, shipping, and with our onsite event planners, as well as with external speakers and partners.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!