Creating, Running, and Managing Facebook Ads for a Digital Marketing Agency

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Job Details:

Do you know Facebook advertising well? And would be willing to help out an agency with:

* Creating ads from scratch

* Write ad content

* Run and split test ads

* Send me ad reports

Context: I have a client who creates income from selling his digital product through his webinar. He also tries to rent out his properties with Facebook advertising.

With this gig, you’ll have the opportunity to better and hone your writing skills so that you’ll be able to leverage your skills in the long-term! Not only that, you’ll be able to have case studies of the direct results you give to our agency.

You’ll have complete freedom in how you can write your ad copy and my client and I should be able to provide any photos that you’d like us to provide, but very specific instructions/scripts will be needed if you’d like a video.

Here are some more specifics for the skills required and what I’m envisioning your responsibilities to be (subject to change):

* Looking at my previous content/copy and improving upon them

* Using my previous materials to clear “writer’s block” and write ad copy. Or simply, write ad copy from scratch

* Create FB ad reports that will send daily and weekly summaries to my email account

* Run no more than 10 ads at a time, and within a certain budget

* For the webinar, what would be the most optimal Facebook Pixel objective to use? Please answer this as your first sentence otherwise I’ll know you didn’t read the job description.

* We’ll meet 2-3X a week for a short period of time (30 minutes or so) for clarification and problem solving. Later, we’ll probably meet once a week, and once enough trust is built, we’ll meet once a month, maybe.

* My budget will be $100/week, subject to increase if you help produce results.

* It will be a 6-week maximum trial before going long-term.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!