Real Estate Prospector and Cold Caller

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Job Details:

Job Description

Who we are:

Patridge Investments - Patridge Investments is a real estate investment company that specializes in buying and selling distressed real estate in the Dallas market area. We acquire under valued properties and either turn them over to fellow investors or remodel the property to bring it up to full retail value after which we list on the open market, for a new family to move into.

What we are looking for: 

Outbound Caller/Prospector

We are currently looking to expand our team for both aspects. Right now we are hiring for a outbound phone prospector for both aspects. This position will be a one month trial and depending on how you do. You will be considered for the job permanently.


* Must have experience with cold calling

* Must have experience in appointment setting

* Must be able to speak english fluently

* Must have access to a computer and wifi

* Must be able to make notes, while making calls

* Not: We do NOT provide you an actual phone to dial with, only the software and tools.

Job Description: 

For this role we are looking for a complete PHONE ANIMAL, you MUST love the idea of attacking the phones and making cold calls. You will be responsible for making outbound calls to list that we provide you as well as scripts. You will be required to call for 3 hours a day Monday-Friday from 5pm-8pm CENTRAL TIME for a total of 15 hours a week. You will alternate between the days on list you will call. 

For investor leads you will be a representative of Patridge Investments calling through list we provide you looking to see if home owners would be willing to sell their homes for cash. If they say you will be required to ask a series of questions involving: Address, repairs needed, how much they would like to sell for etc. All of this will be covered during training.

Pay Plan:

We are offering hourly pay.

What We Provide You:

You will be provided with the following to make your job as easy as possible:

Leads and phone numbers to call

CRM to store the customer info as well as make notes

A phone dialer software to make your calls on

Training and scripts

Support and other tools needed to do the job


Experience with this type of work especially more geared towards real estate is prefered. If you are interested in this role, please submit your application as well as your resume with references of work similar to this you have done in the past. We are looking to do interviews on the following days all in central timing:

Monday mornings

Thursday mornings

Friday Mornings

Sunday Mornings

Again we are looking for a very particular type of person who LOVES the idea of being a phone animal! Which means you are constantly on the phone cold calling and following up as a outbound prospector with the leads we provide, able to take notes and enter customer data in a timely manner, which means you will be required to have some minor understanding of the computer.

We will be looking to get this program up and running in the next 2-3 weeks.

We are only looking to fill one position at this time. 

Please email me, and tell me why you are a good candidate.  Also send your previous work history, resume and a copy of your DISC TEST (you can find this [](

If these three things are not done you will not be considered for this position. Thanks!

So, Not Remote? Let us know!