Facebook Ads Manager to Optimize Webinar Funnels & get ROI for our clients

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Job Details:

I’m running a small Facebook ads agency with clients from US and Europe. I'm currently in the process of hiring a Facebook ads manager that is able to get QUALITY leads for our clients consistently using webinar funnels.

Here are a few things you should know before applying to this project:

*I’m working only with experts (coach, consultant, healers, authors etc). You need to have experience in this field to apply for this job.

* The point of hiring for this is so I do minimal work from my part . I can provide previous content/images/videos and help guide you in the right direction, but you need to be proactive and have ownership of running all our clients Facebook ads campaigns.

* Some of our clients landing pages need editing changed. We have people in our team that can help you with that.

* Some of our clients don’t have webinar funnels. We create them for them from A to Z.. You just need to know how to optimize them once you start the Facebook ads campaign. .

* We’re using tools like ActiveCampaign, WebinarJam and ClickFunnels.

Let me just say that I've hired FB Ad Specialists in the past and have wasted a lot of money not getting the type of sustainable results I want.

What are the results I want?

The main goal is to work with a Facebook ads manager that manages our campaign but knows how to optimize webinar funnels so he continuously attracts profits and ROI for our clients.

The specific results I want from hiring a FB ad expert are...

Result #1: To know how to optimize webinar funnels (we use webinarjam)

Result #2: ROI for our clients is important to me. We are aiming for at least 2:1 (or higher) profit ratio for all of our clients especially when we create their sales funnels.

Result #3: To have an affordable, proactive FB ad manager to monitor, track, and strategically change audiences, ads and sales funnels on a regular basis.

Result #4: To have a simple weekly report on important Ad statistics (Ad spend, cost per click, cost per lead, cost per sale) send to our clients

Seems easy enough, right?

If you're interested in this job you must be:

* Proactive. Meaning doing things in your best judgement without having to constantly ask me. Obviously there will be some manners you should ask for my opinion about, but more often than not I want someone to be taking action.

* Experienced. You need some type of proven track record on managing similar types of ad campaigns in the past. Like I've said, I've wasted a lot of money without getting results, and I want to avoid that at all costs.

Thank you for your time

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