Customer Support for a SaaS App

Added May 09 from Hubstaff

Job Details:

We are looking for someone to work remotely to answer customer support. We operate a SaaS app that provides marketing reports to marketing agencies. We produced automated reports for things like search engine rankings, social media and ppc.

All our support is offered using intercom. The basic idea of the job is to wait for an intercom ticket and respond to it. Any difficult ticket can be escalated to another support tier. Each ticket should only take 2 to 20 minutes to answer and there are probably only about 10 to 20 tickets per day on average to answer.

Most of our team is in the eastern timezone (-5:00). We are specifically looking for someone opposite to our timezone to assist our overseas customers. We are targeting someone in the Philippines.

**Experience / Skills**

* Familiar with marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Youtube

* Understanding of SEO and search engine rankings

* Fluent writing in english

So, Not Remote? Let us know!