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Job Details:

What’s needed: Design/Formatting Professional for Sales Kit Spanish Translation Project

Job Overview: ISI will be translating a client sales kit into Spanish, and we need a lead designer to complete the DTP/formatting stages of the project. The kit will include a variety of different documents, totaling about 100-150 pages, but multiple versions of the documents that comprise the kit will be needed for different business areas/regions. They will be constructed in Adobe InDesign, and include multiple rounds of production (to create both template/filing versions and populated versions with company-specific information). Attached is an early guideline of the breakdown of the kits that reflects the number of documents, number of pages, and number of versions per document. Also attached is a timeline detailing the length and scope of the project, which will run from now until early September.

Many files will need to be completed on a rush schedule with tight turnarounds, and there are very strict formatting specifications that will need to be followed. The designer that works on this project will need to be highly familiar with the following InDesign functions in order to comply with the client’s requirements:

* Data merge

* GREP logic and running queries

* Scripts and plug-ins

* Conditional text

* Build TOC from content and style

* Text variables

* Cross references

* Interactive forms and output to PDF

* Linking of content and styles

* Alternate layouts

* Content Collector and Placer

* Table-level and cell-level formatting

* Import and style Word tables

The project will also use FormMagicPro script to create fillable forms from the design files.

The designer who works on this project must follow instructions carefully, be extremely detail-oriented, and be responsive to any queries or issues that may arise. They must also be available for team calls with the client to discuss various aspects of the project. Knowledge of Spanish is a plus.

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