Daily Trader

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Job Details:

We are looking for daily traders to join our remote Crypto Joe Team. We can consider candidates without experience in trading but with great desire to work in this field.


Trading via our terminal which linked to several exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex and Binance.

The general scheme will be the following:

You are working in the test mode first two weeks, actually it depends on your activity and results.

* If the result is positive and you have stability in chart = you move to live (production) environment (you start making money)

* If the results is negative and you have instability in your chart = we discuss with you your work and try to find out the way to improve your results.

**Note:** Your Salary depends on % of the total number of exchange rates. It means your salary does not depend on the amount of deposit to the terminal, but depends on your results, that is % of profit. 

**Requirements: **

* analytical mind set

* ability to see patterns

Please send your CV with title "Trader" to recruiteriia@gmail.com

So, Not Remote? Let us know!