Ecommerce Copywriter

Added May 16 from Hubstaff

Job Details:

We’re looking for an experienced writer who can use words in a way that will explain our business, sell our benefits, set us apart from competitors and, above all, engage our customers!

We currently have 4 different sites that are in need of new quality copy. We’re an international company, so we will have a lot more sites and projects in the near future for you. 

Your job duties include but not limited to:

* Research: covering our industry, competitors and trends.

* Copywriting: Clever, creative content that truly sells the features and benefits of our business and products.

* Search Engine Optimisation: SEO-friendly copy with a special focus on titles, meta descriptions, formatting and link sculpting.

Preferred skills: Surface/basic knowledge of tech accessories, website and SEO copywriting, creative writing, willingness to learn, self-starter.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!