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**This is a SALES position, a commission-paid job. Working at Target or answering front desk calls does not tell us that you can walk up to someone and sell them a pen or have the means to do so - because you will be responsible for contacting businesses, pitching, closing and getting paid. **

**You can do this by cold calling, emailing, voicemail dropping, going door-to-door etc. Of course we can provide you with extra training and materials, but if you have never successfully sold a product/service you may not even know where to start.**

**If you don't know the importance of following-up, this position does not apply to you.**

That being said:

Are you a SALES ROCKSTAR who wants to work with your own flexible schedule at home? Looking for two determined sales associates with exceptional speaking skills and sales experience (will be interviewed and hired remotely).

Our mission is to liberate thousands of local businesses from there terrible 90's looking websites or provide those without a website with a beautiful, modern 2018 goldmine.

In short we're on a mission to change the world, one website at a time.

To achieve this dream, we need a phenomenal team.

Do Not apply unless you are the BEST; we hire star performers, not backgrounds. Young or old -- if you have the stuff, we'll know.

Here's who we're looking for...

- Driven, disciplined and hungry to make $$

- Coachable, intelligent and quick learner

- Committed to SALES (no dabblers)

- Fun, upbeat and positive (no drama queens)

- Strong character and integrity

- Amazing people skills (charismatic and inspiring)

- Excellence exemplified with a track record of success

- Great team player

- Humble yet confident

- Winner's attitude

- Loves helping people create breakthroughs (literally changing people's lives)

- Loyal, reliable and consistent

- 3 references required

Minimum Experience

At least 1+ years sales experience (Please apply if you can call or walk up to businesses with an awesome personality to sell them something)

Organizational behavior

More about the job:

Again you are FREE to sell however you find works best for you whether that be through calling, emailing, door-to-door, flyers, pamphelts etc. (at your own expense). We never sell a website under $1,000.00 and commission starts at 10%.

Let's do the math:

10 websites = $1,000 in your pocket

15 websites = $2,250 in your pocket

20 websites = $4,000 in your pocket

Every business needs a website, we find 1,000's of businesses in need of one or in need of an upgrade daily. 90% of the time business owners need no convincing, but you must be EXCELLENT at following up.

If you know anyone who meets the above criteria, please send your resume and also SEND US AN EMAIL with a link to a video or audio explaining WHY they are the BEST person for the role: contact@

Thank you!

To your joy and success,

Hyperion Marketing

So, Not Remote? Let us know!