Windows App (Desktop) for Teacher

Added Jun 12 from Hubstaff

Job Details:

I need someone to program a Windows App (Desktop) to keep record of students, learning material, lesson plans / courses and documentation of lessons. In addition I would like to be able to print certificates and monthly updates for the students. The app needs to be password protected and the app should be designed, so that it can be uploaded to the Microsoft store (I might need help with that). I also expect regular updates about the progress of the project and a full documentation.

There are some optional features like an double opt-in for students (GDPR complience form), which I would love to implement - but I need feedback if and how it would be possible to integrate.

I put my idea (and some instructions) on paper but this is my first project of this kind, so that you need to communicate, what additional information you need. I also expect complete information, what you need from me BEFORE starting the project.

Please apply / contact me, so that I can sent you the specifications. Thanks.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!