WordPress Developer

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Job Details:

I have founded a new digital marketing agency and I need a website created for my new business.

Here are the requirements:

* Website needs to be made in WordPress

* I have purchased the design Uncode (see https://undsgn.com/uncode/) and preferably want to use this theme, although this is not a hard requirement

* I have created a wireframe (website mockup) and I need you to create it as I outlined

Here is what I expect from you:

* You have full command of the English language and are able to articulate yourself clearly - Clear communication is of utmost importance to me.

* You have a minimum of 3 years WordPress development experience and can prove this by showing me work you have done in the past

* You have full working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript

* You have full attention to detail and like to deliver clean work

* You would like to have a long term cooperation, where I will let you design many, many websites against good payment

* You are always ready to help out within 24hr in case of urgent help needed.

What you will get from me:

* Long term cooperation: Since I will be doing online work for many companies, I will need your help all the time in web development. This means an ongoing and steady stream of work and income for you.

* Good payment: I will pay you well and give you big tips when work is done as agreed.

* Bonuses and benefits: I like to surprise people that help me well, in a good way.

If you qualify for all requirements, send me a message now and let's get to work.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!