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Job Details:

We are SEO Guys Inc. We provide quality services for our clients and partner companies in terms of SEO marketing; leads generation; ad campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Google Ads; web design and development.

We are now moving forward as a company and are looking for people we can help grow as we grow.

We need clients. This is the life blood of business. For this job, we are offering $400 per client landed. Clients that you need to land are those leads looking for people to make their websites. We would make those websites happen. Leads would be provided to you,but you can also find your own leads. We are currently aiming for American citizens that need serviceable sites for their companies, business, or anything really.

This is on a commission basis. For 30 days, the quota is 3 sales. That’s $400 x 3 minimum per 30 days. If you do not make the quota, then you are booted from the team. The first 30 days count as we would see how you work.

$1200 per month minimum. Just do the work.

Payment scheme is $200 on first cheque as the sale lands; another $200 after 15 business days after the website is completed. All of this is within 30 days. It stands that we pay per commission of $400 per landed sale.

We are looking for 4 EXPERIENCED SALES REPRESENTATIVES. we work on Capsule CRM, but working the platform could be provided with training, but EXPERIENCE IN FOLLOW UPS AND EVERYTHING SALES would be what you’re bringing to the team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Contact clients and follow up

2. Land website making deals priced at $$$$, 3 sales per month minimum

3. Land website SEO, Maps SEO, and advertising. You would not be compensated for this but the sales from these services would count in your favour. During the trial of 30 days, the representatives who make more in terms of total revenue would be staying with us. If your total revenue is lower, you would have a meeting with me.

4. Report sales, leads, and total revenue to me.

5. Communicate with me and the boss.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!