Blogger Relations Manager

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Job Details:

Hey there awesome freelancers.

We're looking for an awesome **English speaking email ninja to organize and manage our blogger relations.**

This person will be working 25 hours a week in a long-term position.

Key traits:

* Self-disciplined

* Loves deadlines (what we really mean is that you deliver what you have to on time)

* Loves negotiating

* Writes perfect English (we provide you with Grammarly premium)

* Is funny (funny goes a long way in email negotiations with bloggers)


**A little description of the job:**

Our blogger relations manager's job is to develop relations with bloggers, thus allowing us to get a guest post on the given blog.

* The person will be using email automation tools to make their life easier.

* The person will manage the back and forth with bloggers

* The person will take care of the content ideation and dispatching. Read on fellow freelancer to see a real life example of a relation builder:


**1 Writes email to**

Hey there, I'm David and I'm a real life blog enthusiast and I also happen to love writing.

I would love to write an article as a guest contributor for your blog, if your interested.

I had a couple ideas I wanted to share with you

* Article idea 1

* Article idea 2

* Article idea 3

Just to let you know, we share all of our guest posts on our Facebook page (we have over 15 000 likes, you can view it here:


**2 Goes back and forth with the blogger**

**3 Dispatches the piece of content to our content writer**

**4 Sends article to blog and makes sure that the piece goes live**

**5 Thanks the blogger**


Awesome! The key is to build a healthy relation with these bloggers.

We will train you to use our inhouse marketing and emailing tools (we use a kickass stack that will make your life easier).


Looking forward to working with y'all


So, Not Remote? Let us know!