Virtual Assistant

Added Jul 10 from Hubstaff

Job Details:

We are looking for a virtual assistant who:

* Is familiar with WordPress

* Knows how to format a blog

* Has basic proofreading skills

* Knows how to find, resize, compress, and place images on blog

* Knows how to do research of topics on the Internet

* Picks up skills rather easily

* Is proficient in English

* Knows how to do basic audio editing (such as in Audacity - and can do it well)

* Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

* Fast typer

* Social media management knowledge a plus

* SEO and Backlinking knowledge a plus

* Video editing experience a plus

The main tasks we are looking for right now is to help edit basic, short podcast episodes and to go through and format blog articles, add graphics, tags, etc. Other skills are a plus and make bring more work.

We need someone who is self-motivated and can do tasks without a lot of oversight.

The job is very part time, as needed.

Please put the word "donut" somewhere in your response to let me know you read this.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!