Senior Full-Stack Java/Kotlin Developer

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Job Details:

We're a startup, with all the attendant benefits and costs. On the benefits side, you're not a cog in a giant wheel. You'll get to establish close relationships and work with a small tightly focused team of great people, your voice and ideas will be heard, debated and actioned. You'll get to work from home most of the time -- 75% of our communication is via Slack and almost all the rest via Hangouts and Zoom. On the other side of the coin, you're not a cog in a giant wheel :-) Which means you can't skate by with busy work, so you'll have to kill it every day. You won't have the ability to draw on hundreds of people, experts and tools as corporate resources, and you won't have as many opportunities to attend conferences and similar events, and there aren't as many perks as larger more established tech companies (though these are things we aim to change relatively quickly).

We're a technology company, so we love development and we love cool tech. We use leading edge languages (Kotlin, Go, Python, C#), graph databases like ArangoDB, and tools like ElasticSearch and Kafka. Kotlin is #2 on SO's 2018 Developer Survey Most-Loved Languages, and #4 on the Most-Wanted. ElasticSearch is #3 on SO's Most-Loved Databases and #2 on Most-Wanted. On our browser frontend, we're using React and GraphQL. In addition, we leverage machine learning to achieve many of our goals, and are experimenting with tools like TensorFlow, all of which rate highly on the Most Loved and Wanted tools. Finally, we use best-of-breed devops practices with Linux, CI, containers, and Kubernetes.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!