Customer Service Representative - Remote

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Job Details:

Customer Service Representatives know how to diffuse a tense situation and do everything within reason to quickly and effectively resolve the issue.


* Manage and prioritize multiple concerns simultaneously.

* Provide appropriate and correct information to incoming customer order status and product knowledge requests.

* A positive attitude, even when faced with misplaced criticism or frustration.

* The ability to learn quickly and move on from both success and failure.

* Process customer orders/changes/returns according to established department policies and procedures.

* Work closely with the credit department to resolve disputed credit items.

* Provide timely feedback to company management regarding challenges or customer concerns.

* Partnership with the sales team to meet and exceed customer’s service expectations.

* Listen, document, and help resolve conflicts with customers.

* Document the patterns and queries that may indicate a larger problem with the product or service that needs to be resolved.


* High School diploma.

* Previous customer service experience.

* Computer experience and aptitude.

* Previous experience with corporate phone systems or switchboard.

* Patience in dealing with confused or irate customers.

* Problem-solving skills, and the ability to think under pressure.

* Commitment to continual education about the company, products and services.

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