Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Job Details:'s Core Values

Before we get to the technical requirements of the job, let's make sure Gaggle is an environment you're going to enjoy and be successful. We have a number of core value that we use to guide how we work together, and how we grow as a company. These aren't motivational poster gimmicks. They're recurring themes that have worked for us as we've grown as a company and we keep them in our minds during those times when we tackle the big challenges:

  • Innovation over Perfection - We've always been a company that has pushed hard to come up with new solutions to problems even at the risk of getting it wrong.  We make mistakes, but that's ok. Our drive to innovation is a strength of Gaggle, but it also leads to some real challenges and even outright problems. We need to know and understand this about ourselves; celebrate it and at times compensate for it.

  • Hire Exceptional People (and let them do their job) - Working with great people is a powerful motivator.  It makes us better when we are challenged by great coworkers. On the other hand, working with someone who doesn't carry their weight drags everyone down. Let's never settle!

  • Work Hard; Make it Better - If you see something that is not right, roll up your sleeves and pitch in to find a solution.

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