Senior Java Web Developer

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Job Details:

We Are…

  • agile - Always adapting to the rapidly changing requirements of our industry and our clients.

  • distributed - Over 30 of us work together from our homes, we live in 15 different states in 4 different time zones.

  • experts - Members of our team have extensive experience in their fields, many have come to us from major players in the web world.

  • streamlined - We’re constantly improving our process, our employees are trusted and empowered, we aren’t bureaucratic and we are constantly improving our processes.

  • learning - We know that our most valuable asset is our employee’s skills, we strongly support ongoing professional development through conferences and internal peer-based training.

  • scalable - We’re growing quickly and we’re ready for it. Every year we output more features, hire more employees, and build more capabilities into our team.

  • relaxed - We honor the work/life balance, we work reasonable hours, we don’t set arbitrary deadlines.

Have a look around at our website to learn more about our team.

Compensation is commensurate with experience, but we do believe in paying our people well, as we want to retain excellent staff.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!