Digital Marketing & Branding Manager

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Job Details:

An early-stage tech fitness startup, creating an artificial intelligence powered mobile app that automatically creates dynamic workout plans based on somebody's body type, goals and experience. (

With 3d animated exercises, it also allows for them to be viewed form every angle as well is in the real world with Augmented Reality.

The company is a spin-out of an existing brand that reached at various times the #1 position in the heath and fitness section of the iOS App Store across 110 countries during 2017\. It also reached the #1 Overall Position in the App Store across 47 countries and overall top 10 across 100 countries.

For this new company we are at ground zero, and we are slowly building up the team, so you will be primarily working with me (Joe) working from my office in Manchester, England and other remote employees as they are onboarded.

I'm 25 years old & started my first company from scratch while being a student, with no funding and have run it successfully for the past 5 years, all the while being able to work from many places across the world. Freedom & travel is at the core of our company culture and as part of the team we will look to meet every couple of months for a company retreat so there is an opportunity to engage with other members of the team.

How you can expect to spend your day?

* Crafting the brand identity

* Managing a facebook group

* Managing a instagram page

* Engaging with our users

* Building and manage email marketing campaigns to email lists

* Developing value-based content to schedule across various social media channels

* Co-ordinate and shoot videos to promote the brand

* Develop relationships with press

* Increasing brand awareness

What are the ideal intern’s personality and qualifications?

* Passion/Obsession for health & fitness

* A willingness to learn

* Must be proactive

* Very productive

* Experience with video editing & photo editing (Photoshop e.t.c)

We believe that bodybuilding, health & fitness is about more than just vanity, but an outlet through which anybody can find the greatness within themselves. Through the workouts and exercises, come lessons of hardwork, determination and perseverance. Fitness is an analogue of life itself, and is a visceral example to many, that on the other side of sustained effort and patience, is reward. This is what our brand is all about.

So this position is for somebody who is not just looking for another job, but is ready to be at the beginning of something extraordinary. We are building the most innovative fitness brand in the world, starting with our Artificial Intelligence app.

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to stretch to your full potential, this is it.

Join us, and do work that will move millions of people to find the strength within themselves to endure, and become unstoppable.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!