Marketing Assistant

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Job Details:


I work with global thought leaders and writers as for example platform, with over 4 million users monthly.

At the moment I am handling 3 launches, for 2 books and one coaching program.

I need a marketing professional on my team to handle the following:

1\. Retargeting Campaigns on Google + Facebook ( Or find someone to do this )

2\. Set up a Shopify store with 110 products. 

3\. Set up an Active Campaign account for 20 book funnels. ( You need to know tagging, and how to set up sales funnels in an email marketing automation software )

4\. Set up landing pages ( Hopefully you have some design skills, if not I can help )

My job is always the high-level strategy, and to assist you to do your job the best way.

I need someone that speaks fluent English, since all my clients are english speaking.

If possible, I would like to meet in person a few times before we work remotely. 

You can read a bit more about me here:

And listen to what I do here:


So, Not Remote? Let us know!