Part Time Visual Designer

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Job Details:

We're looking for part time, freelance visual designer proficient in web design with a growing role in the company.

We are a small and growing digital agency for health and vitality leaders, helping them with websites and marketing funnels, as well as courses, memberships, and educational content. 

Our mission is to help health and vitality leaders inspire, reach, and impact more people while making what they’re worth.

**Your Role**

You’re here as a design strategist, to make something beautiful and highly functional and engaging.

Our philosophy is simple design that is flexible, easy to code, and doesn’t bog down the site. And cohesive across all other channels as well.

You help our projects shine, our clients shine, and to make the end user’s experience smooth, easy, and flowing.

And in the process are helping the health and vitality leaders we help have a greater impact in the world - helping more people live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

**Your Key Objectives:**

* Design websites, blog post and social media graphics, PDF downloads, and occasionally print and branding projects.

* Manage the design process step by step, and according to our standard processes.

* Design websites to be user friendly, quick to load, and easy to code.

* Communicate and work with developers, content strategists, social and ad managers.

* Have all design materials named and stored for easy access by the team.

* **Help achieve and exceed the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the client and for the projects and campaigns themselves.**

**How We Work and Skills Needed:**

Our designs for anything digital (like websites and social media) are done in []( - an online design tool similar to Sketch in it’s approach to vector based design. It can be done in the browser or by downloading the app.

For PDF’s, branding, and print design, we use Adobe products. Indesign for PDF’s. Illustrator for everything else.

We expect clean, modern design similar to the work we’ve done before which you can see various examples of below. Careful use of spacing, fonts, color, icons/simple illustration, and photos are critical.

**Interested? Send us a quick video...**

Use a free tool like or to record a quick couple minute video introducing yourself, your interest in joining us, and why.

**What else?**

Be sure to include web design examples you've done so we can see your design talents.

And we'll start with a small sample project to start with if we're a good fit.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!