Front-End Web Developer (Shopify)

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Job Details:

** Please read carefully.

We are an officially listed Shopify expert team based out of Montreal, Canada.

We are looking for a developer to help us deliver a small Shopify task service. We focus entirely on handling 1hr jobs for Shopify store owners.

We need a team member that wants to grow with us, by doing something challenging and valuable in the Shopify and eCommerce space. We need a go-getter, and someone who wants to dive deep into the world of Shopify and deliver exceptional service to our clients.

As a developer on our team, you will be in direct contact with clients (Shopify users) via email to assess and complete a wide variety of tasks on the Shopify platform. This could include small front-end theme adjustments, app integrations or small scale custom development. Your job will be to get the work done smoothly, in as few emails as possible, so we can maintain the customer as a subscriber or upsell single task buyers to subscriptions. You should be sales minded to help maintain and grow our client base. 

You will work under a lead developer.

The work is remote. It's a 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday work opportunity. Weekends available, too. 


* Perfect command of written English. 

* Working knowledge CSS/HTML

* Comfortable with Javascript/jQuery

* Team player

* Shopify experience an asset

* Solid understanding of eCommerce functionality

* Customer service oriented

* Basic Photoshop skills

* Growth minded

Shopify is built over a proprietary programming language called Liquid. Liquid is an open-source, Ruby-based template language created by Shopify. It is the backbone of Shopify themes and is used to load dynamic content on storefronts.

Your ability to orientate yourself in the Shopify ecosystem and framework will be a major evaluation factor. Good communication skills and attitude will factor heavily in our decision.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!