Customer Service and Personal Assistant

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Job Details:

Looking for the most talented, and awesome people to join our amazing team and business.

We are a small business selling products on Amazon and have a position on our team for a person who is able to help us source new products, process orders, and handle customer service inquiries.

We’re looking for someone who will be a good fit for our team, who is reliable, an excellent communicator and has a strong desire to be great.

The kinds of skills that we’re looking for are:

1. Strong English verbal and written skills - There is a possibility you will be speaking on the phone to customers as well as representatives from some of our suppliers. You’re going to need to be comfortable and confident in your abilities here.

2. Some basic Excel and Microsoft office skills.

3. Knows your way around computers. It’s 2018 and you need to be comfortable navigating around, and being able to learn how softwares work. We use several softwares to help us run our store, so your ability to learn how to use different softwares will go a long way.

You’re going to be working directly with the owner of the company who will be responsible for training you on all the functions of our store.

Once you’re fully trained up, an additional responsibility we are looking for long term is for your ability to help train future team members who come into our store.

If you’re anxious for an amazing adventure and hungry to show you’re a superstar who wants to grow and help build an amazing team, apply for this position and answer the following questions with your application.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!