Sales Agent

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Job Details:

**What is an Agent?**

An Agent is a member of Invisible’s elite workforce.

**Who are the Agents?**

An agent is… — a father in the Philippines, providing for his whole family. — a college student in Kenya, searching for a bright future. — a stay-at-home mom in Texas, desiring to learn but constrained at home. — a high school student in Ohio, frustrated by a dysfunctional school system. — a bachelor in Poland, seeking to both work and learn.

An agent is you.

**What do Sales Agents do?**

* Research public search criteria that correspond to companies that are a good fit for Invisible's synthetic intelligence solution.

* Test those criteria against others in feedback loops to find the best indicators of a promising Invisible client

* Manage Invisible’s synthetic assistants to contact prospective clients at scale

* Iterate on the sales copy and templates

* Respond directly prospective clients (via email, Zoom calls, and text) addressing their concerns and piquing interest in our product.

* Closing sales and client on-boarding

The position is flexible: 20 - 40 hours a week. For example, if you can’t work during the mornings but you can work during the afternoons, then take a break for family time, errands and dinner, and continue working at night — that’s fine. The company operates 24/7 so we can accommodate all time zones.

If hired, you will be among the company’s first Sales Agents — and have a chance to shape the role itself.

Are you the chosen one?


We are Looking for:

* Romantic Capitalists

* Obsession with the company

* Confidence and enthusiasm that is infectious

* Hunger - We want you to have a NEED to sell and sell fast

* Competitiveness - Be better than everyone else

* Resiliency - Top earners know how to bounce back from a dry spell. They don’t get discouraged when the sales numbers are down. Rather, they look for innovative ways to turn things around.

* Honesty - We have an amazing product. There’s no need for dishonest embellishment.

If You have:

* Experience in sales, customer service, or other direct client management function

* A general understanding of where and how to look to find prospects on the internet — Linkedin, Crunchbase, etc

* The ability to connect with a stranger and establish rapport

* Some copywriting ability to write warm emails personalized to prospect needs.

* Bonus — experience in startups, remote work, and virtual assistance

Join us!

**Why do Agents work at Invisible?**

To put it simply, working at Invisible is the best job in the world. Invisible promotes a culture of growth, leadership, and thought. Agents at Invisible learn new things every single day. Some of these things relate to work, some to their personal life, and most to both. Agents are taught technical skills, human skills, and Invisible’s [principles](

Invisible is building the world’s biggest meritocracy. Agents are promoted based on the direct value they bring to the company. We expect all agents to learn, grow, and become better individuals. We expect all agents to be promoted.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!