Project Manager & Operations Manager For Facebook Ads Agency

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Job Details:

We're looking for a operations manager for a Facebook Ads agency full time


Strategizes and prioritizes all marketing efforts. Manages goals, deadlines, and tasks related to all marketing projects. Manages team workflow and is responsible for overall day-to-day tasks and plans.

Creates timelines and deliverables related to all big ideas and projects

Oversees marketing team workload and day-to-day project management

Sets priorities for future marketing initiatives

Oversees marketing budgets, ensuring we're on track each month

Regularly Scheduled Tasks


Oversees Asana, checking in on pending projects and actively seeking out and destroying roadblocks

Is available for questions, project updates, and/or any required employee support

Making sure that clients sales funnels and Facebook ads campaigns are working flawlessly


Strategy call with Founder

Reviews all team member task lists and completed tasks from prior week

Provides updates on Marketing priorities to the team

Monthly / Quarterly

Tracks and follows up with results from period-specific focus areas

Analyzes existing funnels and customer acquisition flows and looks for areas of improvement

The type of person we are looking for:

The Right Person Meets 100% Of The Following Criteria ( NO EXCEPTION)

1. You’re a PRO : You have amazing communication skills and handle both the client and myself with high professionalism. You’ve studied marketing, communications, journalism or public relations and you understand lead generation and direct response marketing.

2. You’re a PERFECTIONIST: You take pride in your work and treat tasks as if it was your own business. You strive for perfection and give attention to detail.

3. You’re RESULTS-ORIENTED: You’re an income watcher, not a clock watcher. You care about the delivery of your services and always go above and beyond. You’re have a track record of getting fantastic results using Facebook ads and you’re able to deliver great results consistently.

4. You’re committed TO BE THE BEST: You handle constructive criticism well. You’re kind and caring, but have tough skin and don’t take correction personally.

5. You’re COMMITTED and you don’t have any problem working 5 hours a day – maybe even more something – to do a spectacular job.

6. You’re INSPIRED: One of your dreams is to be part of something greater than you and be surrounded with people who uplift you consistently.

7. You like CHALLENGES: Puzzle, testing and trying new things excites you!

8. You're an English speaking woman who lives in Europe.

9. You’re RESOURCEFUL: Self-starter, sharp, knowledgeable and resourceful. You can find solutions from all resources available including using google, being on forums etc to implement recommendations.

Systems Requirement:

* Have a good computer and a backup laptop

* You should have wired ISP at least 5 mbps internet speed with a backup internet connection (pocket wifi)

What We Offer:

* Work days are Monday through Friday

* Work times are 7am to 3pm GMT time zone

* Salary ranges from $500 to $1000 USD per month depending on experience

* Paid monthly

If you think you are a super-star please proceed. If you're not, please don't.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!