Customer Service Representative

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Job Details:

We offer hourly pay weekly & monthly BONUSES! We are looking for individuals with CUSTOMER SERVICE experience who are comfortable speaking to dozens of people per day. We will provide on the job training. 


• Ability to call 100's of numbers daily, using auto-dialer

• Setting appointments for field home buyers

• Strong phone presence and voice

• Basic writing and computer skills

• Excellent communication skills

• Naturally happy and upbeat disposition


• Primary job is to be on the phone!

• Able to communicate well over the phone

• Zero tolerance for barking dogs or loud background noises

• Manage our Company CRM

          • Familiar with Google spreadsheets

          • Chat and work simultaneously


• Customer Service/Appointment Setter: Experience a MUST!

• Good grammar and speaks and writes in FLUENT English

• Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively Trainable, Coachable, and receptive to feedback

• Highly organized

• Great attention to detail

• Lightning fast computer (Preferably i5 processor or higher)

• Very up-to-date smart phone, preferably iPhone or android, must be newer.

• Must be kind and helpful

• Must have a great attitude every single day

• Must be driven to reach goals

• Must be a very fast learner

• Must be able to provide reports on a weekly and monthly basis

• Must be able to discern how to improve

• Must be motivated

• Must be someone who wants to be with the company long term

• Must be someone who doesn’t make any excuses

• Must be someone who wants to win

• Must be someone who can do quick math or who has access to a Calculator

• Must be someone who always has Internet access no matter where they are including the ability of having  two Internet companies

• Must be reliable and productive with or without management watching

• Has a positive & CAN-DO attitude

• A team player

• Responsible

• Detail oriented

• Has no attendance issues

• Can multitask

• Pays attention to details

• Works without supervision

• Committed to the company & project

• A good decision maker

• Can follow rules & policies


• This is an hourly position PLUS earn bonuses for each house we buy that you helped us with setting the appointment and nurturing the communication with seller

• Producers will be rewarded $$

 **Step #1**

Complete the web form by clicking or copy/paste the link below and email your resume, DISC Test Results and video recording to [](

1.      [](

2.   Resume

3.   Do an intro video recording letting us know who you are, what are your       work skills, what do you like to do for fun, and why you are qualified for this position

4.   Take the free DISC test at [](

Please state your favorite color in the subject line of your email to confirm you read this post.

 **Step #2**

If considered, we will send you a Skype Invite to schedule an interview via []( with the Office Manager

Thank you!

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