Remote Operations Manager for Insurance Company

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Job Details:

**We’re looking for an Operations Manager with the following skills:**

- Understands the customer’s needs

- Communicates effectively

- Enforces standards

- Understands the organization’s financial performance

- Tracks and measures staff performance

- Maximizes staff utilization

- Motivates the team

**Job Summary**

Your primary role will be to manage a customer service team. Additionally, you will be asked to build out policies and procedures around payments, refunds, insurance claims process, sales scripts, FAQs, KPI scorecards, sales process/rebuttals, and phone systems. You will also be interacting with the sales team to accomplish quarterly and annual goals.

**Job Description**

- Manage operations and productivity at an insurance company.

- Oversee a team of distributed customer service representatives.

- Create and modify procedures and documents related to policies.

- Identify and analyze risks associated with policies.

- Achieve target budgets.

- Minimize risk of financial loss.

- Obtain and oversee company insurance or related funds that management uses to cover costs such as disability benefits or lawsuits.

- Liaison or interact with claims department as needed.

- Review insurance policies.

- Manage insurance data for reports.

- Assist in determining premium rates.

- Work with our software vendor on questions and issues as they come up.

- Ensure client satisfaction surveys are undertaken and action plans implemented and reviewed. - Management of any client escalations relating to the Operational team’s performance.

- Ensure process audits are completed quarterly for each customer-related transaction and improvement plans agreed.

- Ensure forecasts and work schedules are accurately completed using relevant client information and scheduling tool.

- Overall accountability for training, development and mentoring of direct reports to provide opportunities for skills expansion and career development.

- Facilitate a culture of open and honest two-way communication ensuring key messages are cascaded. Manage client relationship at an operational level in terms of coordinating information and data requests and delivery of these within agreed timescales and to required quality.


1\. Ideally, we're looking for someone who has run an insurance company; not necessarily a business owner but the company manager or someone who can handle that position.

2\. Needs a P&C insurance license

So, Not Remote? Let us know!