Operations Assistant

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Job Details:

The main duty of operations assistants is to provide job-specific support for the company, as needed.

* Provide customer or client service, as needed. This includes answering phone calls from the general support line or greeting clients and visitors as they enter the office.

* Work closely with upper management to coordinate strategies and manage employee efficiency.

* Act as back-up to Manager in performing business operations duties.

* Provide support to Operations manager as and when required.

* Update internal operation procedures document as needed.

* Coordinate with Manager to schedule team meetings and to provide follow-ups.

* Support the Manager in managing and resolving operational issues.

* Work with Manager to provide excellent customer service.

* Participate in customer meetings and distribute minutes of meeting to the operations team.

* Perform general office administrative and clerical duties.

* Reconcile payments and receipts to various parties on time.

* Manage all office orders on regular basis.

* Maintain logs and spreadsheets for all office activities.

*Chosen Applicants will undergo a Beta Test Period

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