Canva Designer

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Job Details:

You are a native English speaker and an expert Canva designer who is quick to churn out several great looking social media pictures with CANVA on for my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

I provide text content in structured text format: 

Slogan/Quote/Expression: If you want to be an entrepreneur you must have the ability to endure pain for a long time. 

Additional text 1: ...

Additional text 2: ...

Your duties: 

        1\. You select the right design with consistency for my media and my brand

        2\. You select the most suitable background image (your budget is maximum USD1)

        3\. You select the font and add the text

        4\. You add our watermark logo

        5\. You propose for approval

        6\. Once approved you create a batch of files and sizes best suitable for posting on our Social Media accounts and for print

Every week you will create 10 graphics and designs.

This job lasts for 8 weeks at least.

The amount of work will increase over time if your work is satisfactory.

Suggestions and advice from your side, the expert Canva designer, is a plus. 

This is a long-term position for the right candidate

So, Not Remote? Let us know!