Customer Service and Client Relationship Manager

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Job Details:

We are looking for a part-time (with the future view to become a full-time) VA to join our growing team.

This person MUST have:

1. Great written skills in English

2. **Incredible fast speaking skills with understanding Australian accents!**

3. Calling foreign countries clients

4. Have a can-do attitude

5. Ask lots of questions

6. Be highly communicative

7. Learn quickly

8. Be eager to take on more and grow with us

9. Have impeccable attention to detail and

10. Be overall an optimistic person

11. Fast internet access

12. Work from home

HIGHLY REGARDED skills & experience in:

1. HubSpot CRM & sales

2. Google Drive

3. Teamwork Projects

4. Building and construction companies

5. Knowledge about Australian culture

6. Speaking with Australians over the phone

The company is The Pod Canberra we build small houses for people in the backyard of their current home, like a granny flat. They are called Secondary Residences. It is a family business, we started in December 2017 and we are growing rapidly. We would ideally like someone to come on board and do not only what is required but want to take on more responsibilities once they understand the role.

**This role is not for everyone, please only apply if the information above matches who you are.** We pride ourselves in looking after our clients and staff, therefore we will want to find out your goals and help you towards that. Financial reward can not be your only goal in our business.

Please see below the weekly duties that will be required.


Current work~

Understanding and knowing the products we sell, costs and basic building materials and recalling them instantly by memory

Calling all clients who enter their details on the website (warm leads)

Responding to all emails replies of new enquiries Via Hubspot with templates

Setting up tasks for site checks

Understanding the requirements of the government here

Completing online site checks for client while being aware of all the rules and requirements

Working with the Marketing team to send emails, see what's working with clients and how we can better improve sales.

Texting reminders and emailing reminders to clients when they have meetings and open days with us.

All general enquiry follow-ups

Booking electrician & plumber to visit the site (and attend) via email

Weekly & monthly summary reports

Weekly meeting with team

In future~

Creating basic costs estimates with the manager for client inclusions

Creating proposals for clients

Liaising with accounts, client manager & builder of clients needs.

Arranging contract of sale


5 hours per day= 20 hours per week with view to become full-time in future

To confirm times based on your location and ours prior to starting

Break for lunch not included but 2 x 15 min breaks included.


Please apply with your hourly rate

2 week paid trial

Paid via PayPal as a contractor


Thursday 11th October or Friday 12th October

12, 14, 15 & 16th October- Training with Manager

18, 18, 22, 23rd & 24th October- Working on your own with minimum contact with Manager (trust exercise)

25 & 26th October- Meetings and updates to confirm trial is over and what the next step is.

So, Not Remote? Let us know!