Senior Systems Software Engineer 

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Job Details:

Heptio is thinking about impact on a magnitude and time horizon that’s different from your typical start-up. That starts with our founders … two of the individuals that created Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. We understand how to build things that endure. And we’ve started that at Heptio with a line-up of products, community projects and high-touch services that have an immediate impact.

We value sustainable processes, flexibility, blameless retrospectives, and innovative problem solving. Our growing team is made up of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and interests who take their careers and personal lives seriously. We are looking for engineering talent to continue our mission in bringing Kubernetes to enterprise developers and beyond.

Skills & requirements


Building OSS distributed server side systems in Go, which are focused on HTTP routing and load balancing

Listening to the projects’ community of users in order to make complex technologies usable

Growing your stature in the Kubernetes open source community by contributing to Heptio’s products and upstream Kubernetes

Collaborating in a remote-first, fully distributed team


You've worked on or with technologies that make up the new "cloud native" stack. This includes Kubernetes, Docker, and Go

You have built server software as an engineer and recognize the challenges, complexities and tradeoffs to be made when building and deploying new systems to production

You are passionate about distributed systems, HTTP routing, and load balancing at scale

You’ve demonstrated the ability to act autonomously, helping technically manage a project

You are passionate about working with new technology to make many people happier every day

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